Authenticating The New Iraqi Dinar Is Easy - Learn How To Spot Counterfeits

If you buy Iraqi Dinar it's worthwhile to know how to authenticate them to make sure you're not getting any counterfeit notes from your dealer. You need to make sure that your seller authenticates all notes prior to shipping them to you, that's very important.
Why stop there though, wouldn't you rather know for certain and know for yourelf your holding authentic Iraqi Dinar notes. Learning to authenticate the Iraqi Dinar notes you buy and/or are holding is quick, easy and something everyone should know how to do.

Normally authenticating Iraqi Dinar is done by a De La Rue machine. Many dealers own these machines. Smaller dealers sometimes may not have their own but their suppliers most likely do. If you have no gurantee that your dinars are authentic then you shouldn't buy from that seller or dealer. To make sure to steer clear of counterfiets you must find a reliable and trusted supplier and one who gurantees your notes are authentic.

Thus far, counterfeit Dinar hasn't been much of a concern or issue apart from a case reported back in 2004 in Eastern Europe. As the dinar is released in larger volumes however and begins to circulate the world there is a danger counterfitters could start flooding the currency markets with their counterfeit dinar.

Currently no one really knows exactly how many fake dinars are circulating the world if any at all however it is important to practice due diligance and make sure you are getting the real McCoy. 

So now you're probably wondering how do I pick out fake Dinar from the real Dinar?

Fake Dinar Could Possibly Be Missing These Features...

1. Security Thread
2. Raised Letters
3. Watermark
4. Metallic Ink
5. Not Glow Under UV light aka black light.

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