7 Quick & Easy Steps To Authenticate Your New Iraqi Dinar

Here are 7 quick and easy steps to help you authenticate your New Iraqi Dinar

1) One of the easiest ways to identify an authentic Iraqi Dinar note is to take the bill between your fingers  and search for “texture” … a copy will have none. Raised ink on a bill is a unique ink and process that requires heat to activate. This is an extra step in the printing process most counterfitters will not do.

2) Hold it up to the light and find the horse’s head watermark on the right of the bill, on a 25,000 NID note.

3) Search for the foil strip/thread usually about 40% from left edge. Similar to foil strips on other world currencies.

4) Tilt the bill toward you,  until it is flat and follow the foil strip from the previous step. You should see metallic ink in small rectangles and even intervals down the backside

5) Keep the bill still tipped, move your eyes to the right side of the bill and find a silver dove (looks like a mustache) nearest to you which is a second metallic ink feature.

6) Straight below the bill from the dove, at the bottom of the bill is a webbed button … tilt or pivot the bill back and forth slightly and verify the color changing ink feature

7) Place the back of the bill under a black light/UV light and a small postage stamp area will glow in what looks to be a bush at about the upper right 1/3 margin. You can buy speciality black light pens from Amazon or Ebay or a regular black light bulb you can pick up at a hardware store or Walgreens will work as well.

Follow these simple steps and you can authenticate your Iraqi Dinar quickly and easily and have the peace of mind of knowing your not holding counterfeit notes.

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