Iraqi Dinar Prices Are DROPPING!!!! Dealers Lowering Prices

It's no secret that ever since Dinar Trade came back on the scene prices of the Iraqi Dinar have been dropping.

Where as a few months ago most sellers were selling for well over $1100 today prices have dropped dramatically. It seems for a while $1040 became the new norm in terms of price for most of the larger more recognized dealers however prices have continued to drop even lower which could make it a great time to buy more Dinar.

Currently prices have been dropping even further with BuyIraqiDinarHere.Com running a special for $999 for one million dinar and TampaDinar.Com is also running a special at only a dollar more at $1000 per million Dinar.

Prices have dropped substantially in the past few months. We'll have to watch and see if they continue to drop even further.

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